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We provide you archive conference materials from the symposium:

EUI Ageing phenomena in electrical insulating materials and system

This symposium was periodically organized as part of the cathedrals activities. In the years 1972–2007 the 11th edition of the conference took place, during which we had the opportunity to host the most outstanding scientists in the field of High Voltage Technology. The conference materials database is a comprehensive compendium of knowledge on the most important progress in the field of analysis of mechanisms of physical phenomena occurring in insulation systems.

Conference proceedings EUI Conference

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On the 22 March 2017, at our faculty Joint Meeting of DEI and Magnetics IEEE Polish Section Chapters was held. Among participants were colleagues form our department, representatives from Technical Universities from Częstochowa, Lublin, Gliwice and Łódź and also representatives from industry. The aim of the meeting was to initiate collaboration between local DEI and Magnetics chapters in the field of Dielectrics insulation and Magnetics materials.

Agenda of meeting:

  1. Enterence panel:
    • dr inż. Maciej Kuniewski (AGH):
      AGH about
    • dr inż. Maciej Kuniewski (AGH):
      DEI Chapter in Polish Section IEEE
    • dr inż. Radosław Jeż (ABB):
      Magnetics Chapter in Polish Section IEEE

  2. Technical panel:
    • dr inż. Wojciech Pluta (Technical University of Czestochowa): Isolation of magneturizers for operation at high frequencies
    • dr inż. Maciej Kuniewski (AGH): Dielectrics materialns in high voltage insulation systems

  3. Demonstration panel:
    • coffe break
    • demonstration of High Voltage Laboratories at AGH
    • discussion and conclusions

links to chaptes pages:

participants of joint meeting of IEEE DEI and IEEE Magnetics Chapters
Participants of joint meeting IEEE DEI and IEEE Magnetics Chapters in HV Laboratory

MK 2017-04-08 10:21:00

Prise in Polish Society of Electromagnetism Copmetition

We kindly inform you that, in September 2016 the Polish Society of Electromagnetism Competition for the best Master and Ph.D. thesis in field of Electromagnetism was held.

First prise has won our employee dr inż. Piotr Gas with his doctoral thesis:

Modeling of temperature and electromagnetic field distribution in radio frequency and microwave hyperthermia
supervisor: dr hab. inż. Eugeniusz Kurgan, prof. n.

Warmly congratulation to Piotr's achievment and we wish you next success !!
Dyplom PTZE

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MK 2017-01-13 12:00:00