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Wyróżnienie artykułu naukowego naszych pracowników

We are pleased to announce that the scientific article of our employees has been distinguished and awarded the status of "Excellent Paper".
Article Surface discharge imaging in presence of deposited space charges in non-uniform DC electric field published in High Voltage.
The article was written by prof. Marek Florkowski, mgr inż. Dariusz Krześniak, PhD Eng. Maciej Kuniewski, PhD hab. Eng. Pawel Zydroń.

Article link: link
Link to source information: link

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Jubilee of the 70th anniversary of the Department

In recent days, we have celebrated the 70th anniversary of our Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering, but at the same time as the faculty, two Departments were established, the Department of General Electrical Engineering (head Prof. S. Kurzawa) and the Department of Electrical Equipment and Networks (head Prof. S. Bladowski), which gave rise to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering of which we are part of today.

More about the history of our department can be found in the History section of our website, we invite you to read its history.

History of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering

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Dear Guest,
below we present a movie promoting our Faculty, where you can find archival photos from the High Voltage Laboratory, which has been part of our Department from the very beginning of its existence. In Laboratory we can find unique high voltage sources which allow the generation of voltage with maximum values up to 250 kV AC voltage and up to 400 kV normalized lightning impulse voltage. In addition to the above-mentioned sources, there is also specialized measuring systems for measuring Partial discharges and to determine the properties of dielectric materials.

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